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The impossible?

Updated: Sep 14

They say it can't be're wasting your time. Why are you wasting your time? They smirk and cast their all knowing glance my way. CHARGED! Nothing gets me more amped than when they tell me something can't be done. I will surmise that perhaps 90% of all that is around us, is that which we can't see. The possibilities, the magic, the stuff miracles are made of. The boundless that is there, always, dancing in waves of swirling, glittering hope and endless plausibility.

And then the most important knowing the magic is there. Feeling the endless possibilities of the unseen bounty that exists all around us. Breathing it in and walking forward, holding faith's hand and allowing for the endless potentiality.

This is when the magical path of miracles presents itself.

Indiana Bones. My sweet Catahoula Leopard Dog. To know this dog is to completely adore her. She will be twelve in November. She started to walk differently about six months ago. She moaned a bit when she laid down. I started giving her turmeric and brought her in for xrays to see if there was an injury or if it was the more obvious arthritis.

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